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Reproductive disorder

The cyst disappeared without any medication

My lower abdomen began to ache very severely on 8th August 2011 all of a sudden. Sonography revealed a huge cyst of 56 x 59 mm size. I met many allopathic as well as ayurvedic doctors. All of them suggested an operation to remove the cyst. One week passed by. The cyst which was seen in the 16th August sonography had increased to 64 x 55 mm size. I was terribly scared. The cyst grew very rapidly. I took an appointment with Mrs. Chandorkar immediately and showed him all the reports. The same day I began treatment at Niraamay. All tests were repeated after a month or so.

The report of 22nd September showed no cyst at all. All of us were highly surprised. I had irregular periods earlier and that has now become quite regular now. I must mention here that I did not have to take any tablet for the same.

– Miss Pragati Lele

Baby boy and that too a healthy one! …

We did not get a child even after many years of marriage. We were inadvertently under mental stress all the time therefore. In this situation, we heard about Niraamay from some friends. I decided to go for their treatment immediately. Just a few months after I began the treatment I became pregnant and my joy knew no bounds.

However, later I kept worrying because I wanted to have a healthy baby. Therefore, I continued with this treatment. Finally in due course, the moment of supreme joy in our life arrived. I got a baby boy and that too a healthy one! This was the most memorable moment in my life. I am really thankful to the entire Niraamay team who gave me this treatment. Thank you !

– Mrs. Sonali Aware

Delivery was normal

The first sonography after pregnancy showed that my uterus was rather small and had a different shape, The doctor opined that the baby ‘s growth is not likely to be smooth and there might be more obstacles later. We did not know what to do. Who could come to our rescue?

My mother had taken some treatment at Niraamay earlier. She took me to Niraamay and we met Mrs. Chandorkar there. We showed him all reports. He asked ‘ What is it that you want now?” We said” We want everything to become normal. “ He said,” From today, think only of what you want . Do not think of the undesirable at all and do not carry mistaken notions in the mind. Let us begin the treatment and see what happens in the next sonography.”

From that day, I began to take treatment at Niraamay. The report in the next sonography was unbelievable. The uterus was normal. The baby’s growth was normal too. Even the sonography consultant was surprised. We continued with the treatment. After six months, the uterus slid downwards and its mouth opened in the downward direction. In the next sonography this situation changed too and everything was normal. In the next 7/8 months doctors informed us that embryonic water had come down; it was at level 3 instead of level 9. However, whenever we informed any problem to Niraamay, Swayampurna treatment was offered immediately. After their treatment, the water level rose to 11. At the time of delivery, a similar problem arose.

I began to have labour pains but no progress in delivery! My mother phoned Sir at Niraamay and told him about the problem. Within the next half an hour I delivered a baby boy normally. After birth, the baby had jaundice but the same treatment was successful. I was not lactating enough and it was difficult to even feed him. This treatment was helpful in solving this problem too. Many Thanks !

– Mrs. Dipti Acharya

Periods started in natural cycle

Nearly 19 years ago, I am having health problems during my periods. Today I am 34 years old. For the last 15 years I never had my periods in the natural cycle. Both my ovaries were dysfunctional, so the doctor advised me to get them removed. I was taking a number of medicines for this but had no positive results.

One day I saw Mrs. Chandorkar’s interview on Saam TV and I decided to go for his advice as the last resort. Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar gave me the first treatment. While the treatment was on, in the third month I had a natural period. I was completely surprised and felt happy too. Mrs. Chandorkar could do what so many MD specialists could never do. And that too in just a few months and without any medicines ! I am really thankful to Mrs. Chandorkar and the Niraamay team .

– Mrs Poorva Fulambrikar

I got a lovely daughter at the age of 40 - Mrs. Samruddhi Shah

I got married rather late in life. I got pregnant three years after my marriage. I had no problems initially. But in the fourth month, I had to get 21 screening tests done for some medical reasons. The report was positive however. As per these tests one out of a hundred cases can be abnormal. As I had crossed forty years of age, the doctor felt that my baby could perhaps be abnormal.

Without wasting all time, we met Mrs. Chandorkar of Niraamay. He gave us a lot of courage and his counselling removed any doubts and worries from our minds. From then on, I began to take Swayampurna Treatment. I used to tell Mrs. Chandorkar immediately if any anomalies were seen in the tests. Sonography in the seventh month revealed that the placenta had descended too much downwards. The baby too was seen to be underweight and there was reason to worry. However, because of Swayampurna treatment, the next sonography showed that the baby had gained one and a half kg and the placenta also had come to its normal place. You may be surprised to read but, during this entire treatment, I did not take any external medicines at all.

With Swayampurna treatment, my delivery was absolutely normal and I am the proud mother of a sweet daughter today. She will be two years old in January 2015. I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Chandorkar and the entire Niraamay family .

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