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Psychological Problems

Depression gone, got a nice job

My son is 28 years old and a double graduate. He was looking for a job since 2009. He gave several interviews but, was not successful . As the situation became unbearable, he went into a depression in August 2011. We did not know what to do. He was not willing to consult any doctor. We as parents went to a doctor and got some medicines for him. But he never came out of the severe depression. He used to lose him temper, he becomes violent at times. We were really helpless.

We heard about Niraamay in April 2012. It was possible in Niraamay to treat him with the help of a photograph. So I went to Niraamay with his photo. As there were no medicines to be taken, the task became much simpler. I used to phone on his behalf and take treatment. After six months of treatment, he has recovered to about 80 %. He has found a job too and we can see him getting confident of himself. We are really thankful to Niraamay.

– Unnamed patient

Regained my confidence

I was never confident of myself and I never came forward to do anything meaningful. I was always under some fear and depression. With a view to gain confidence and mental strength, I went to Niraamay. I have been taking treatment from Niraamay for the last one year. Today, I have regained my confidence and I am serving in a reputed company. This was possible only because of Niraamay. There is an unbelievable change in my attitude. I am therefore thankful to Niraamay.

– Shri. Amol Sakpal

Bed wetting and stammering disappeared …

One day I was reading the newspaper and I was reading an article on Niraamay. At that very instant I decided to take treatment for my problem of bed wetting and stammering. I went to Niraamay with my mother. After we met the Doctor, he told us to think positively and gave me confidence that I will recover within a few months. After the treatment began, my bed wetting problem disappeared totally. In the next seven months, I began speaking fluently without stammering.

I am 13 years old now. I liked this method of treatment because any disease is cured here without any medicines.

– Master Geet Raka

The fear’s gone

A particular problem had engulfed my mind not just for one or two years but for nearly eighteen years and this problem of psychological crisis would never leave me. Eighteen years ago when I was pregnant, I was in a rather delicate condition. As my husband was busy in his own business, I used to be alone at home for very long durations. I was addicted to TV during this period. I remember a particular serial in which every episode the death of someone or the other. There used to so much mourning and crying aloud on TV ! They also showed so many details of the funeral in the episode. Around this time, two persons died in the building across our house . I saw the whole funeral from the window of our house. This created tremendous fear of death in my mind. I used to think I am also going to die one day and my funeral will be performed the same way. The fear of death occupied in my mind 24 hours a day. I was living usual routine on one side and on the other end terrifying fear of death continued unabated. Only my husband realized my plight. He showed my health to several psychologist experts but, the fear in my mind did not come down at all.

I was carrying out my duties as a wife and mother in the house. But I was never able to enjoy life in any manner. There was no joy left in life. What stayed with me was the fear of Death and only Death. Around this time, I happened to read an article by Malati Marathe about Niraamay in Muktapeeth Sakaal. I then approached Mr. Chandorkar with some hope and assurance.

The initial two or three treatments created some confidence in me. The only doctor I ever met in my life who told me “ You will be completely all right” was Mr. Chandorkar ! I took his treatment continuously . In every treatment, Mr. Chandorkar tried his 100 % to get me out of this deadly fear. One day I was feeling very miserable at 10-30 at night, so I phoned Mr. Chandorkar. He gave me treatment immediately and I had some good sleep. Next morning I realized that I was not having any fear at all ! I checked again and again but, I was really free of this dangerous fear! I and my husband could not believe it, but that was really true! Thus Mr. Chandorkar removed the fear in my mind in just two months of treatment and that too without any medicines. Imagine; I carried this fear for eighteen years in my mind ! Today I am able to experience the joy of life again. No words are enough to thank Niraamay and Mr. Chandorkar. I am really grateful to them.

– Unnamed patient

Got out of Mental-Physical illness due to counselling

I broke the ligament of my left knee in an accident in February 2004. After three months, I got a ligament reconstruction surgery done on the knee. I still had many doubts and misgivings in my mind. Why did this happen? What is my future now? — and so on ! In the meanwhile I consulted several doctors. Medicines from all branches of medicine were tried but, there was no improvement. I was finding it very difficult being confined to one place. There was tremendous stiffness in my legs and I had to leave my job too.

At this juncture, I read an article about Niraamay in Sakaal. My parents were insistent but, I was reluctant to approach Niraamay. However I did go to Niraamay rather unwillingly. Now however, I realize how beneficial this decision was. Niraamay gave me excellent counselling. My disease was psychosomatic and I realized that the Niraamay treatment was the best alternative to come out of the problem. Slowly my health began improving. I am confident that I will fully recover in the near future and rejoin my job soon.

– Unnamed patient

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