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Panchandri (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin) disorders

Positive results in psoriasis

For nearly sixteen years I was suffering from psoriasis. In addition, for the last one year I was feeling very uneasy because of the skin problem. At this juncture I saw Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar’s interview on Saam TV. I put my faith in the doctor and began treatment for my problem. After regular treatment, I began to see satisfactory improvement. The uneasiness vanished within a few days while there is 90 % improvement in psoriasis. I haven’t missed a single day of treatment and go to Niraamay for regular follow up. What is so special about this method is that it has no side effects whatsoever. However, I kept full belief and faith in the treatment and that is why I am having positive results so far.

– Shri. Sudhir Nikam

Effective treatment on vertigo

In August 2009, I developed a Vertigo problem all of a sudden. My head used to get very dizzy and I started getting giddy quite often, I could hear minute whirring inside ears. I had frequent vomits. My pulse rate went up. All kinds of tests were done. All reports were normal. Doctors could not identify the exact cause. I started on some medicines but there was no use. I began losing my balance and the dizziness went up. There were louder sounds in the ear. The Doctor remarked that my problem was psychological . I changed doctors and medicines too. I went for homeopathy and Ayurveda too. But the problem remained as ever.

Finally I could not even walk around. Whenever I took a step forward, everything around appeared to revolve round and round. I was exasperated by the sounds in the ear. Even a slight nod could make me giddy. Even when I closed my eyes, I felt uneasy. I lost my sleep and began to suffer badly. ’In order to have some rest, I came to my mother’s place in Pune in January 2010. Some of my friends told me about Niraamay and Swayampurna Treatment. I heard their experience and began to have some hope for recovery and began treatment at Niraamay. On the very first day, I had two hours’ sleep and my body relaxed to some extent. Slowly I began to stand up without help. As I felt steadier, I could walk into the hall out of my room. I began talking and gossiping with other family members. Sounds in the ear too got less and less,

I had forgotten my own existence in the last six months. However, I began to mix with people again. All this development took one month of treatment. Based on my own experience, I can say that this is a very effective treatment.

– Mrs. Anupama Galgali

Quick result in herpes

I contacted Herpes in October 2012. There were series of small blisters all along my chest and my back. I felt as if someone was pricking me with a hot needle. Our family doctor expressed the inability of medical science to cure the problem He had no alternative but to prescribe pain killers for me.

I had unbearable pain for a week and was expecting only a miracle to save me. At this juncture, my cousin sister suggested Mr. Chandorkar’s name. The very first treatment gave me a lot of courage. After two days of continuous treatment, the pain stopped completely, On the third day, the wounds began to dry up and the skin began to clear. As Mr Chandorkar cured me without any medicines, our family doctor, myself and all my family seemed to experience a miracle .

– Shri. Dilip Pandit, Group Captain

Mouth ulcer is cured without medicine

For many years I was suffering from mouth ulcers and reddening of tongue etc. As the tongue had developed ulcers. I felt severe pain while speaking, eating food etc. I took the help of allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda to get cured from this problem, but, used to get only short term relief . The problem raised its head again after some time. As suggested by some of my relatives, I met Mr. Chandorkar of Niraamay. His treatment was quite simple and easy; so I decided to go for it on the same day. Within first 15 days I recovered about 50%. Later the problem disappeared completely. I am happy now to have recovered without any medicines. Vertigo

– Mrs. Nanda Gholap

Severe ear pain stopped completely

For last two years I was having severe cold and leaking ears. As there was continuous oozing of liquid through the ear, the eardrum developed a hole. The Doctor then advised to go for an ear operation. Around this time, we heard about Niraamay. We were wondering what Niraamay is and reached Pune for a trial. We took Niraamay treatment continuously for two months. Right from the first day, the treatment showed good results. The ear pain subsided considerably, We then went to the ENT specialist again and he examined the ear. He informed us that there was no longer a hole in the eardrum. He was very much surprised and so were we !

– Mrs. Hema Deshmukh

The deafness went away... - Mrs. Harshada Jawadekar
For the last eighteen months I was suffering from temporary loss of hearing in my left ear. I consulted some ENT experts and they told me to get an Audiometry Test done. The test revealed that the nerve going from the left ear to the brain was under pressure and therefore the left heard has become defunct. The doctor told me that chances of recovery were only 50 %. In November 2011, I had read about Niraamay in newspapers. Then I decided to take their treatment as described in the paper. Mr Chandorkar’s treatment gave surprising results just in four days and the deafness in my left ear went away forever.

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