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Kidney & Urology disorder

Relief from Pain while Urinating

My urinating passage was shrunken and I had to exert a lot for urination. The pain was quite severe  and none of the medicines and other treatments worked for me. I came to Niraamay and began treatment with Yogesh Sir. Gradually the pain subsided and I had good relief.

Around the same time, I began suffering from asthma too. After treatment for about a month and a half, I recovered totally from the urination problem. Later I got some relevant tests done and  I realized that my asthma too was cured fully.

What I liked most at Niraamay was that a number of ailments can be treated simultaneously here. Earlier, I was going to different doctors for treatment of  urination problem and my asthma.  However at Niraamay, I was cured of both the ailments.

Thanks a million,  Mr Chandorkar and Niraamay !

– Smt. Veena Joshi

Kidney Stone Passed out

I was leading a routine life. On 26th October 2014, suddenly my stomach and back began to pain severely. I had a pain killer injection for temporary relief. The next day, the doctor got a sonography done. As per the report, I had a few 11 mm stones in my urinary passage and some 4/5 mm stones in my right kidney.

As suggested by some relatives, I began Niraamay treatment. The first two days gave me some relief but, the trouble continued again later. An urologist advised me to get admitted to a hospital urgently. He cautioned that if I do not admit myself, the kidneys might fail or they may get swollen and infected. We got scared and decided to get admitted immediately. At the same time we kept Mr. Chandorkar informed too. He told me to sit for 10 minutes of treatment instead of five minutes. I took the treatment at about 4 pm and what a surprise! When I went to urinate at about 4-45 pm, I could sense some different movement in the body. As I was quite attentive, I saw an 11 mm stone pass out in the urine. Surprisingly I did not feel any pain at that time. Thus admission to the hospital was averted. I have still kept that stone safely to show others.

– Swapnil Kore

Weakened kidneys are recovered - Mrs. Smita Rakte

In November 2008, I suddenly developed high blood pressure. A visit to the family doctor made us conduct several tests some of which we had not even heard of before. The diagnosis stated that both my kidneys had gone very weak. The doctor suggested dialysis after some period. This news shocked me so much that my BP went very high and I fell unconscious there itself. I had to be admitted and several tests were done as was quite normal under the circumstances. Later a nephrologist began to treat me and I had to take many tablets daily. I was mentally destroyed. In this situation, my son – in –law took me to Niraamay. Mr. Chandorkar gave me great psychological support and began Swayampurna treatment.

This treatment has resulted in substantial improvement in my health. I have become almost normal; I do not have to take any medicines and my reports are also quite normal.

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