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Diseases of the Respiratory System

Release from life-threatening illness such as pneumonia

We were leading a routine life. Then all of a sudden, one particular day, everything went haywire. It was 1st of July 2014. The day began quite normally. My wife Varsha had gone for her bath and suddenly she received a shock from the Electric heater and she fell unconscious. She had the heater in her hand when she fell unconscious. She had a vomit too on that occasion. After a lot of struggle we pulled her out and took her to a hospital immediately. She was kept on a ventilator. The attendant doctor told us that as she had a vomit while in an unconscious state, her lungs might get infected, which was quite serious.

On one hand, doctors were trying their best and on the other hand we were constantly praying to the God. After ten days, Varsha regained consciousness. She could now move her hands and feet, but her lungs continued to get infected more and more. A CT scan revealed that she had contracted pneumonia and there was a hole in her lungs. She developed very high fever and her white blood cell count went down substantially. She was on the threshold of life and death. I had not lost hope however. Around the same time, I heard about Niraamay from a friend. I contacted them but my wife was not in a stage to receive Niraamay treatment personally.

However, as Doctor advised, I sent Varsha’s photograph to Niraamay and began taking the treatment myself. This treatment began on 15th of July and surprisingly, her health began showing improvement from the very same day. As the treatment progressed, her disease went down. Her fever came down. Her BP and WBC count came under control and lung infection went down substantially too. Her health began improving but she had some difficulty in breathing even after coming home. We continued with Niraamay treatment. Finally one day, her breathing problem too was overcome completely. She has now fully recovered and does not need any medication at the moment.

Only divine intervention and treatment by Niraamay resulted in this unbelievable, incomprehensible and astonishing miracle. I am eternally grateful to Niraamay for the same.

– Shri Moreshwar Kulkarni

The lungs started functioning properly, lobectomy was avoided

I am just 26 years old. However, I suffered from TB thrice during the last ten years; I was ravaged by the disease. Some Doctors actually suggested to me that I should go for Lobectomy i.e. removal of defective part of lungs. I did not want any operation however. I was experiencing several side effects of medicines such as insomnia, inability to hear and consistent loss of weight etc. I was totally exasperated with allopathic medicines and doctors’ advice.

During this period, I read an article in Loksatta about Niraamay and I thought of looking at Niraamay as the final course of action. It was my good fortune that I learnt about this treatment at the right time. Since then, it has totally changed my life. Now I can hear properly, sleep soundly and I am also gaining some weight. If I had not met Mr. Chandorkar, I would not be in the state as I am today. Swayampurna treatment at Niraamay has resulted in thorough changes in my life. Swayampurna treatment for the last ten months has rendered my lungs fully functional and I have cancelled my Lobectomy. I feel quite confident that I will not suffer from TB again.

– Miss Archana Ravale

Lung fibrosis healed

I had fracture in my hip bone in August 2011 and it had to be operated upon. Later I developed severe cough and asthma. I visited and consulted a doctor. He began giving me medicines for Asthma. I took them for some time but there was no improvement. Then we talked to another doctor. I got all tests done as per his advice and found that it was not asthma but it was lung fibrosis. I began taking medicines for the same. While I was taking this treatment, I saw Mr Chandorkar’s interview on TV in September 2012. I collected substantial information about his treatment methods and went to his clinic.

we began this treatment shortly afterwards. I took the treatment thrice a day and began to experience improvement slowly. After three months of treatment, I got the same tests done again and found great improvement. Later I went to Dubai for three months where I continued with the treatment on phone. Now I have fully recovered. This is a very effective treatment and I would advise all types of patients to benefit from the same.

– Mrs. Kusum Shetty

Recovered from Chronic cold- - Mrs. Samata Joshi

I was suffering from heavy cold for the last two years. The cold never subsided after a number of treatments. My nose was blocked all the time…I could hardly sleep in this period. I used to sneeze nearly 50 times at a stretch. As per the Doctor, I had some kind of allergy. But they could not specify the exact allergy. I took treatment from all medical ‘Pathys’ I had temporary relief at times, but the problem persisted for ever. I read about Mr Chandorkar in daily Sakaal and decided to take his treatment. I experienced substantial improvement on the very first day of treatment. After two/three days, I could breathe freely through both the nostrils and felt much better. After regular treatment for two months as per Doctor’s advice, I have fully recovered. I have not received a single attack of severe cold since and I am grateful to Niraamay for the same.

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