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Diseases of the Digestion System

Complete freedom from IBS

I was suffering from I.B. S. My BP was always very high. Legs used to pain frequently and anxiety persisted all the time. From January 2013, I began the treatment of Niraamay. Slowly over the last eighteen months all my ailments are going down. My blood pressure is normal and my legs are not paining any more. Most importantly I am free from I. B. S. I am living a tension-

free life now thanks to Niraamay.

– Shri Pramod Gaud

Effective treatment for Hernia & Piles

I am a regular follower of exercises and Pranayam. However, wrong Pranayam resulted in hernia. I consulted a doctor and started on some medication. Its side effects caused acidity and excessive heat in the body. I began suffering from piles. All kinds of allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments were done. There was temporary relief but, those medicines appeared to be just pain killers. Every day I suffered from severe pain and at times blood was seen to ooze in the stool. I was in bad shape for 5/6 months.

However, I heard about Niraamay in May 2012. As this treatment was quite effective, I felt better in just 2/3 months. Hernia too has subsided to about 50 %. My stomach too has ceased to pain.

– Mrs. Medha Peshve

Loose Motions stopped, digestion improved…

My son Devansh was suffering heavily with diarrhea. I consulted three well-known paediatricians in town. He could not digest anything except some rice and lentils. Since he was five months old, we had stopped giving milk to him too. He had to be admitted to a hospital thrice before he was one year old. He was very weak and used to cry all the time.

On the suggestion  of one of my relatives, I began taking treatment at Niraamay. There was good improvement within the first 15 days only. Earlier, he had loose motions throughout the day, but now the situation became better. He never had to be admitted to a hospital again. He began to digest food slowly and gained weight steadily. His crying came down and began playing happily.

As he was very young, I was taking treatment for him and he was recovering well. He became all right in just three months, He is now 2 years old and is quite healthy.

– Mrs. Pallavi Ladkat

Relief from chronic liver disease

With continuous transfers and compulsions of eating outside food, I took voluntary retirement from a bank job in 2000. First one and a half year after retirement went off quite smoothly. Later some or the other physical problems began to raise their head like loss of hunger, weakness, loss of balance, swelling of the stomach, losing strength in legs etc. I got a number of tests done in a lab. I was diagnosed with chronic liver disease. I got admitted to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital immediately.

After spending 17 days, I got discharged from the hospital. I felt better for some days afterwards. But, the original problem was still there. I began losing confidence. One day, my wife saw a Niraamay advertisement in the newspaper and she made enquiries quite promptly. As I was very weak, I began taking treatment from home only. I have been taking Swayampurna treatment consistently for the last three months and I can feel a definite difference. Mental positivity, physical fitness, confidence and morale have gone up tremendously. I am really grateful to Niraamay team who has given me treatment on phone and by coming home too at times.

– Shri. Anand Deshpande

Jaundice recovered completely - Mrs. Asha Gajewar

19th January 2013 dawned in a very strange manner for me. Early in the morning I had severe pain in the stomach and I began vomiting profusely. I could not retain even a spoonful of water. Immediately I went to a doctor and got a sonography done as per his advice. Some blood tests were done too. They revealed that I had jaundice. The doctor advised me to get admitted to a hospital immediately.

We had earlier gone to Niraamay, therefore we avoided hospitalization. I phoned Mr. Chandorkar and began treatment immediately. That day I took the treatment every one hour. The next day, I could sit up perfectly without any medicines. After some more days of treatment at Niraamay, I recovered completely.

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