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Diseases of the Brain and the Nervous System

Came back from Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss

My father was a patient of Alzheimer’s disease. He had lost his memory and was lost to whatever was happening around. A number of treatments in the hospital did not help him at all. After coming home, he was always bed-ridden. He could not even manage personal chores properly. Later he could not make any movements at all. As we were in Hyderabad, it was not possible to bring him to Niraamay Pune. However, he was in urgent need of treatment.

As Mr. Chandorkar advised, we sent his latest photograph and other information to Niraamay through his sister. Treatment was then given on phone by Niraamay. In the first five days, we observed slight improvement in the patient’s condition. After a month or so, he began feeling hungry and asked for food. We could see that he recognized people around. However there was blockage in his urine passage and we informed Niraamay accordingly. After attended to him, some improvement was seen immediately. He began walking without any support within three months and started doing his own chores himself.

– Shri Jagdish Bahirat

Unexpected results after brain surgery

In last October, I experienced what is meant by returning from the jaws of death. I had an accident on 25th October 2014. I did not feel anything wrong at that moment in time. However after a few minutes, blood started dripping from my ears. I ignored it then. But I fell unconscious after some time. As there was a clot in the brain, I was immediately taken to the hospital for a brain surgery.

The doctor said that my right side could be paralysed or I could lose my speech, vision and memory after the operation. My wife was told by the doctors that I may survive only 72 hours more. Mrs Pavtekar, a friend of ours talked to my wife some time later and informed her about Niraamay. My wife sent my photo to Niraamay and began treatment immediately. From that day, slowly my health began improving. I got discharged from the hospital after 15 days. Now I can hear properly, see properly and my right side is working all right too. Some movements are yet to come to normal and the memory is still somewhat weak. But, I am 100 % sure that with Swayampurna Treatment from Niraamay, I will be cured completely in the near future.

– Shri Ravichandran Mudaliyar

Excellent results in disease like muscular dystrophy

My son Vivek was suffering from muscular dystrophy for about seven years. We took treatment from several doctors but there was no result. We were told clearly that this disease has no cure. We were totally distraught and depressed. He was living a totally dependent life. He could not even move his hands and feet. We could not bear watching our son in this state. But what could we do? No ray of hope was seen anywhere.

Then one day, Vivek’s aunt phoned us and told us about Niraamay. As a last resort, I took Vivek’s photograph and medical details with me and went to Pune. I met Mr. Chandorkar and we began Swayampurna Treatment. Within a month, there was appreciable improvement. His hands and feet began showing signs of life, fat accumulation in his body went down and he began raising his hand after a few months. He was now able to sit at a place for long periods.

Though it took a long time, we found the right direction and the right treatment. We have been taking Swayampurna Treatment for the last two years. Vivek can now squat on the floor and can eat with his own hands. He has gained enough strength in his legs and waist and tries to stand up on his own. We have no doubt at all that he is going to recover fully.

– Shri Vijay Acharya

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