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Diseases of Muscles and Bones

Heels stopped paining

I conduct various Mangala Gaur games for ladies. However, this year I felt that it would not be possible because of persistent pain in my heels. I applied heat packs, received massage from experts, took a number of tablets, but, to no avail! By a coincidence I met Mrs. Chandorkar and I took treatment for 15 days as per his advice. My heels have stopped paining completely and I can now walk normally as before.

Mrs. Navare

Got the strength of lowerback again

Sometimes one contracts with impossible and undesirable diseases. It happened with me too. The annular area within my waist suddenly used to get very weak. Such partial weakness in the body made even routine daily movements very difficult. We talked to several expert doctors, but, they seemed to concur that medical science does not give any specific reasons for such an occurrence.

We heard of Niraamay just by coincidence and I began getting treatment under the guidance of Mr. Chandorkar. Within a span of just five months, I began feeling better. I am really grateful to Mr. Chandorkar and Niraamay for the same.

– Smt. Suchitra Singh

Cured corns without medicine

For nearly ten years I was suffering from rings on the feet. I consulted some top experts in Mumbai, but there was hardly any improvement.

I began treatment at Niraamay on 20th October 2012. This treatment certainly made a difference and the rings in the feet and cracks in the skin were contained to a great extent.

– Mrs. Sheetal Adkar

Knee pain were completely healed

I was suffering from terrible knee pain for the last 4/5 years. I could not walk, sit down and even squat on the floor in the house. Life had almost come to a halt. I took all kinds of medicines, various types of treatment with no result at all. Most of all, I was too tired of swallowing those huge tablets.

Then one day, I saw an interview of Mr. & Mrs. Chandorkar on TV. I was staying at Akurdi and Niraamay was situated in Pune. It was difficult for me to go to Pune. Later, Niraamay opened a branch in Chinchwad and I met Mrs. Chandorkar there almost immediately. In the very first meeting, Mrs. Chandorkar gave me enough confidence to feel that I can be cured fully. As per his advice, I began taking treatment and surprisingly, my knee pain began to subside gradually. After two months of treatment, I was totally free of knee pain. I feel more dynamism in life after the treatment. I can perform all daily routine activities quite easily now, I go out for walks and for any outside work. I am really thankful to Mrs. Chandorkar for renewed strength in life.

– Mrs. Shivali Sonar

Knee ligament tear healed without operation

Once a lot of water had spilled on the floor of my house and I slipped there rather badly. The knee was hurt and I was in some pain. Later I went to the market in a hurry and twisted my leg. The knee injury got worse and the knee cap shifted fully towards backside. An MRI scan revealed that some ligaments were torn. The Doctor suggested surgical remedy for correction. Two operations at fixed intervals were suggested by doctors costing about 5 to 6 Lakh Rupees. I was told that I would not be able to squat down after the operation nor would I be able to lift heavy weights. A number of limitations on movement were anticipated after the operation. As the date for the first operation drew nearer I saw Mr. Chandorkar’s interview on TV. I immediately phoned Niraamay and met Mr. Chandorkar. He gave us a lot of courage. We cancelled the operation and began treatment on phone through Niraamay. As some months passed by, there was considerable improvement in my knees. After six months I was almost normal. After another six months, I was able to travel long distances, move freely around and I could even dance during festive occasions. I also went for an Ashtavinayak sojourn in the meantime. Swayampurna treatment for about one year cured me fully. An MRI taken out after 18 months did not reveal any anomaly at all.

– Mrs. Latika Narke

Complete recovery from hipjoints pain

I was taking some medicines for TB and they really weakened my bones and muscles miserably. I was having a lot of pain while walking and had to literally drag my feet. Even a slight touch would result in severe pains in joints. I went to an orthopaedic expert for consultation. As per his diagnosis the lubrication around ball joints of hips was exhausted. Therefore there was severe pain due to constant friction. Later I took treatment at Sancheti Hospital for two years. Still there was no improvement. I went to Kothari Hospital and City Pride too, not to mention a number of Ayurvedic treatments later! I was swallowing bitter medicines one after another endlessly.

Finally, doctors came to the conclusion that surgery was inevitable. No one would still guarantee satisfactory recovery. I heard about Niraamay and its treatment without medicines in June 2011. Till then, I had spent about 12 years in unbearable pain. My body and mind had become totally sick. I took my reports and met Mrs. Chandorkar. I was given full confidence by Niraamay that I will be totally cured from the pain and I began treatment on phone. In just a week I started feeling much better. I was now taking regular treatment. Slowly the pain stopped completely. As my hip joints were damaged, I was limping and walking very slowly earlier. But soon I began walking normally.

In the meantime I became pregnant and I was all the more worried because my joints were likely to be stressed even more. I trusted Mrs. Chandorkar fully and therefore had continued Swayampurna treatment. My delivery went off smoothly. I had no problems at all before and after my delivery. I had problems like hernia and swelling of tonsils earlier which also subsided during the treatment. No operation or other treatment was felt necessary. A five mm kidney stone too disappeared after the treatment. All my liver stones got dissolved inside and I emerged much stronger mentally.

Today I am living a healthy life thanks only to Niraamay.

– Mrs. Laxmi Garkal

Frozen shoulder condition recovered

I was suffering from severe frozen shoulder. So much so that I had to take help from others even for putting my hand in T-shirt. My right shoulder was totally frozen and it was paining very badly. As my right hand was disabled, most of my movements were restricted. I continued to take several medicines, but, no appreciable improvement was seen. I happened to read Marathe Aji’s experience in Muktapeeth supplement of daily Sakaal. It seemed to me a different approach to treatment and I thought ‘why not try and see?’ It was the 4th of May 2010 when I visited at Niraamay. I began treatment the very same day. There was great improvement within three months. The pain stopped completely. My hands began moving freely and I continued with the treatment. In the next six months, I recovered fully and was able even to drive my car comfortably.

– Shri Jaydeep Chandwani

Got rid of knee problems

Today I am free from all kinds of illnesses. For nearly two years I had suffered from heavy pain in knees and lower abdomen. With this treatment, my problems have completely disappeared.

We need no tablets in this treatment, nor do we need to perform specific exercises and we do not need to perform specific exercises for relief. Just close your eyes for five minutes, that’s all. It seems to work like magic! All may pain has now gone and many thanks for the same!

– Smt. Safiya Habib Khan

Miracle happened, Arthritis got cured

For the last eighteen years I was suffering from Arthritis. Many of my joints had got deformed. I followed all other branches of medicine but there was no improvement. Joint pain and knee pain were particularly troublesome and severe for me. I could not walk even a single step in my own house. Then I came to my daughter in Pune and showed my problem to several expert doctors. A number of small and big tests were done but no firm diagnosis was offered by anyone. Around the same time, I read an article written by Mrs Nilima Risbud in Sakaal and my daughter made some enquiries about Niraamay. I could not walk myself, so, my daughter went to Niraamay and showed my photograph to them. Treatment was then offered on phone thereafter. After about two months there was discernable improvement and I began taking regular treatment.

During this period, I even travelled from Sangamner to Nagpur by train. However, I did not experience any difficulty in the journey. I can now perform all my daily chores comfortably. Deformities have also come own. I really feel that Mr Chandorkar is like Alladin’s lamp in my life.

– Mrs Vaishali Dinkar

Tennis elbow was cured in one sitting

I began taking regular medicines since I developed Tennis Elbow some time ago. My hands were in a sling for nearly 15 days, there was no improvement at all. When I came to Niraamay, my problem of Tennis Elbow went away just in a single sitting. For the last four years I have never suffered from Tennis Elbow again.

– Mrs. Shruti Kulkarni

Relief from pain in lowerback... - Mrs. Sunanda Banthiya

Most women tend to ignore minor physical ailments and carry on with daily life. I am one of such women. I began suffering from waist pain in February 2011, but I neglected it for some time. From April onwards, the pain became very severe and I was in an unbearable condition. MRIs were done and the spine was seen to have some defects. We consulted expert doctors, I began taking a number of medicines but there was no improvement. Later I had to go for complete bed rest and I became totally dependent on others for everything.

At that juncture. I heard about Niraamay and we began Niraamay treatment immediately. I could now feel new confidence in myself. I could sense substantial improvement within just eight days. Because of Swayampurna treatment, I can now move freely. I was totally dependent on others even for small movements within my own house. But, I am proud to say that because of Niraamay treatment, I could go to the USA for my daughter-in-law’s delivery in June 2012

And I am back here happy as ever.

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