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Diseases of glands, defective blood and cancer

Sugar, cholesterol and TSH became normal

All required tests were done in March 2011 and all the results were discouraging. Sugar: 131/216, cholesterol 250, triglycerides 647, TSH 8.56. All the values were very high. It meant that I had to take medicines for all of them and that too all my life! I was thoroughly depressed. However, by sheer coincidence, I learnt about Niraamay. I thought: what harm can be there if I try this out before starting on all those medicines? Thus I approached Niraamay. After one month of Swayampurna Treatment, I got all the tests done again. The results were as follows: sugar 80/138, cholesterol 156, triglycerides 90 and TSH 5.54. How great ! This was possible without any medicines at all !

I showed all these reports to my allopathic doctors and they too were surprised. Thus I was saved from those frightening medicines.

– Mrs. Jayashree

Releif from diabetic retinopathy

With advancing age, I began to experience several health problems. In September 2013, I was told that there was a clot in my right eye because of diabetes. In other words, I had diabetic retinopathy. The Doctor cautioned that if the clot bursts, I may become totally blind. He also mentioned that there was no definite cure for the same. I was terribly scared after his words.

I began treatment with Niraamay in April 2014. Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar told me to take treatment twice a day on phone. For the last eight months I am taking this treatment. I got my eyes examined in November 2014 and the Doctor certified that my eyes were totally clean.

I am really grateful to Niraamay and Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar for saving my eyesight. I am going to go for the same treatment for my other ailments too in the near future.

– Smt. Smita Kulkarni

Amazing results in diseases like HIV

I am a doctor and I’m 34 years old. I was affected by HIV due to someone’s sheer negligence. I knew that medical science has no cure for this and therefore, I was highly distressed. I was trying to follow all precautions in such cases. Still I was getting weaker and weaker. I was losing weight and had more health complaints than ever before.

I read about Niraamay somewhere. The article said that their treatment can cure any physical and psychological disease without touching and without any medicines. I phoned Niraamay and told them about my problems. Their reply was ‘This too can be cured. Only thing is that you will have to take long term but regular treatment.’ I was surprised and could not believe it. Then I thought, there is no harm in trying!

When I visited the Niraamay clinic in Pune, my weight had come down to 26 kg. I could not eat any food. Everything I ate came out in loose motion. I had lost control on urination and defecation. I was at the threshold of death and every moment of life was a torture.

When I met R, Amruta Chandorkar, she spent some time counselling me and a ray of hope came in my life. I began taking treatment since July 2014. My weight went up in four months to 34 kg. I feel hungry now and am able to digest food properly. My skin which had blackened considerably was getting brighter. I started some tuition at home too. Medical science is not the end of all knowledge. I came to realize that there is something beyond present medical knowledge. The work done by Niraamay for all desperate patients like me is really invaluable. My salute to all their staff.

– Unnamed patient

Free from depression and thyroid problem - Mrs. Manisha Lawate

I was suffering from hypothyroid since 2005. My TSH had gone to 67.9. As a result, I had a huge weight gain, I suffered from mental uneasiness, depression and high temper. I was disturbed in a lot of ways; my weight was not coming down after trying so many treatments. Every day when I got up, I used to feel’ My God! I am still alive–! Why can’t all this come to an end? ‘ While going to sleep I prayed to God so that tomorrow may never come. The entire family was disturbed because of my illness. We tried all branches of medicine but to no avail. One day I happened to read an article on Niraamay. I was excited but was not ready to believe what it said. As a student of science, I went rather deep into any matter. When I saw the movie ‘Secret’, I began studying Energy Dynamics. After some elaborate study, I contacted doctors at Niraamay. Without much belief though, I began treatment at Niraamay. Surprisingly my depression subsided appreciably in just 15 days. I felt far more peaceful inside. This change in my attitude made me and everyone in the family much happier. I continued with the treatment. Within a few months all my reports were normal. I began losing weight steadily too. I lost nearly 10 kg in six months !

My sincere thanks to all doctors who gave me a new life !

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