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Diseases affecting the Heart and Blood Circulation

Bypass operation was avoided

I developed an Angina problem in October 2011. I was immediately admitted to a hospital. Angiography revealed that there were four blockages with more than 90 %. I was advised to go for immediate bypass surgery. I was not willing and ready mentally for an operation. Mr. Chandorkar saw my reports and said, “If you can take complete rest at home, I can begin treatment immediately.” I agreed and returned home. I was panting heavily while talking. I got tired even while shaving in the morning! My asthma subsided appreciably after 15 days of treatment and I could walk inside the house comfortably. Within a month, I could walk some good distance and could go up and down the staircase too. Slowly I started attending office for a few hours daily. Daily routine became normal. The changes which observed in Stress Test were positive too. Within 5 to 6 months, I felt much better and I joined duties as usual.

In the meanwhile, I suffered from spondylitis, dizziness, thumping sounds in left ear, inability to hear and so on. One after another these diseases made my life miserable. However, Mr. Chandorkar gave me confidence and told me “Please tell me whatever you feel any discomfort and we will take corrective action.” Therefore I kept on informing him about every new problem. There was no need for so many different doctors and more medical tests. I continued with the treatment in full faith. Today when I see more serious patients than myself, I can sense the difference between them and myself in terms of positivity, good health and morale too.

– Shri. Vijay Sathe

Recovered from major cardiac disease - Shri Subhash Salve

We realized that I had contracted pneumonia in March 2012. I was admitted to Jahangir Nursing Home where they conducted 2D Echo and Doppler Tests. An angiography done later revealed that there were two blockages of 100 % and 50 % respectively. At that time the EF factor was 30-35%. We did not take any immediate decision and decided to give some more thought to the problem. As a friend of mine suggested, relatives took my photograph to Niraamay in the last week of October and treatment was commenced by Niraamay. I met Mr. Chandorkar personally after two weeks. After one year of treatment by Mr. Yogesh and Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar, Two D Echo showed that EF factor had dropped by 50 %. I can now walk 3 to 4 km every day and I can do all routine jobs very easily.

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