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The Science of Mudra


The five fingers in our hand represent these five elements. The thumb represents the Fire element, the index finger represents wind element, and the sky is represented by the middle finger. The earth element is shown by the ring finger while the little finger controls water element.

Mudras help in transformation of any element into another element, reducing or decomposing an element, creating an element when it ceases to exist and balancing the elements by alternating them. Mudras are used to bring the body to the right state and to create pleasant tidings in the body. As Mudras affect subtle elements in the body, it is necessary to keep the body in a relax state.

Mudras help in improving blood circulation, balancing acidity, cough and gases in the body. Several Mudras such as Pruthvi mudra, Varun mudra, Dnyan mudra and Akash mudra are used in a big way in Swayampurna treatment. Different mudras help in curing diseases of different types.

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The knees were completely healed - Mrs. Shivali Sonar

I was suffering from terrible knee pain for the last 4/5 years. I could not walk, sit down and even squat on the floor in the house. Life had almost come to a halt. I took all kinds of medicines, various types of treatment with no result at all. Most of all, I was too tired of swallowing those huge tablets.

Then one day, I saw an interview of Mr. Chandorkar on TV. I was staying at Akurdi and Niraamay was situated in Pune. It was difficult for me to go to Pune. Later, Niraamay opened a branch in Chinchwad and I met Mr Chandorkar there almost immediately. In the very first meeting, Mr Chandorkar gave me enough confidence to feel that I can be cured fully. As per his advice, I began taking treatment and surprisingly, my knee pain began to subside gradually. After two months of treatment, I was totally free of knee pain. I feel more dynamism in life after the treatment. I can perform all daily routine activities quite easily now, I go out for walks and for any outside work. I am really thankful to Mr. Chandorkar for renewed strength in life.

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