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Purification of Nadis and Chakras


This is an important aspect in Swayampurna Treatment and it helps in total elimination of disorders. As per the Science of Yoga, there are 14 main Nadis in the body out of which Sushumna, Ida and Pingala are the most important ones. All these Nadis carry energy in the body, Energy flowing through the Nadis keeps the mind and the body active all the time. Chakras specified in Yoga Shastra are the centres of energy in the body. Absorption of atmospheric energy and distributing it to various parts of the body are the main functions of these Chakras. Every Chakra controls a particular organ and related emotions ensuring its smooth working.

Main Chakras in the Body : Mooladhar Chakra activates bone and muscular system and nervous system in the body. Swadhishthan Chakra controls the urinary bladder and reproductive system in the body. Digestion of food, absorption of food, secretion of hormones, excretion, reproduction, breathing, and blood circulation is controlled by Manipur Chakra. Anahat Chakra controls important chest organs like lungs and the heart. Vishuddha Chakra controls seven channels in the throat, the respiratory passage, thyroid and thymus glands. Aadnya Chakra controls our brain and the eyes. More importantly our thinking process is controlled by Aadnya Chakra. Feelings of love and affection and unity are caused by Sahasrar Chakra.

Body processes develop various faults because of wrong diet, wrong ways of behaviour and wrong thinking. Thus these Chakras and Nadis are not able to fully absorb the energies from our surroundings. Its Adverse effects are seen immediately on the body. Swayampurna treatment removes any flaws in the Chakras and Nadis and energizes them. This helps in totally uprooting all physical and mental flaws in the body.

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Miracle happened, rheumatism got cured - Mrs Vaishali Dinkar

For the last eighteen years I was suffering from Arthritis. Many of my joints had got deformed. I followed all other branches of medicine but there was no improvement. Joint pain and knee pain were particularly troublesome and severe for me. I could not walk even a single step in my own house. Then I came to my daughter in Pune and showed my problem to several expert doctors. A number of small and big tests were done but no firm diagnosis was offered by anyone. Around the same time, I read an article written by Mrs Nilima Risbud in Sakaal and my daughter made some enquiries about Niraamay. I could not walk myself, so, my daughter went to Niraamay and showed my photograph to them. Treatment was then offered on phone thereafter. After about two months there was discernable improvement and I began taking regular treatment. During this period, I even travelled from Sangamner to Nagpur by train. However, I did not experience any difficulty in the journey. I can now perform all my daily chores comfortably. Deformities have also come own. I really feel that Mr Chandorkar is like Alladin’s lamp in my life.

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