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The entire world or Nature is made of five basic elements. Human beings are part of the nature too. Our body is also made up of the same five elements. We stay healthy and lively only when all these five elements in the body are balanced. Whenever any of these elements gets distorted or when their balance is lost, diseases and ailments enter the body.

Five Elements: The Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the five basic elements and the whole world is made of the same five elements. They are characterized by their size, movements, heat content, flow pattern and stability while their micro characteristics include attributes or Tanmatras named Shabd (hearing), Sparsh (touch), Roop (sight), Ras (taste) and Gandha (smell).

The Ether is made out of Tanmatra Shabd (hearing). Air is made out of Tanmatra Shabd (hearing) and Sparsh (touch). Fire is made out of Tanmatra Shabd (hearing), Sparsh (touch) and  Roop (sight). Water is made out of Tanmatra Shabd (hearing), Sparsh (touch), Roop (sight) and Ras (taste). The earth is made out of Tanmatra Shabd (hearing), Sparsh (touch), Roop (sight), Ras (taste) and Gandha (smell). The human body is made of the very same five elements. Our ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose are related to these five elements.

The earth element controls the bones, flesh, skin, Capillaries, nadis and Rom in our body. Factors like blood, semen, urine, saliva and perspiration are controlled by the Water element while hunger, thirst, sleep, inertia and sex are regulated by the Fire element. The air or wind element regulates our movements, expansion, contraction and bodily obstructions while the sky or space element controls passion, anger, temptation, greed and fear in life. These five elements keep flowing through the energy vessels in our aura all the time. Only proper diet, right thinking, adequate movements and exercise can make you healthy and happy throughout the life. Under Swayampurna treatment, suitable changes in diet depending on the disease and the patient’s condition are suggested from time to time.

A few Suitable exercises are also prescribed in this treatment which helps in balancing the five elements.

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The knee ligament tire was cured without surgery - Mrs. Latika Narke

Once a lot of water had spilled on the floor of my house and I slipped there rather badly. The knee was hurt and I was in some pain. Later I went to the market in a hurry and twisted my leg. The knee injury got worse and the knee cap shifted fully towards backside. An MRI scan revealed that some ligaments were torn. The Doctor suggested surgical remedy for correction. Two operations at fixed intervals were suggested by doctors costing about 5 to 6 Lakh Rupees. I was told that I would not be able to squat down after the operation nor would I be able to lift heavy weights. A number of limitations on movement were anticipated after the operation. As the date for the first operation drew nearer I saw Mr. Chandorkar’s interview on TV. I immediately phoned Niraamay and met Mr. Chandorkar. He gave us a lot of courage. We cancelled the operation and began treatment on phone through Niraamay. As some months passed by, there was considerable improvement in my knees. After six months I was almost normal. After another six months, I was able to travel long distances, move freely around and I could even dance during festive occasions. I also went for an Ashtavinayak sojourn in the meantime. Swayampurna treatment for about one year cured me fully. An MRI taken out after 18 months did not reveal any anomaly at all.

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