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The root of most diseases lies in wrong thoughts in the mind. Unless the mind is purified, any bodily disease cannot get fully cured. The body and mind react to each other all the time and this is a well-established fact. Psychological disorders create many physical ailments and vice versa. Most diseases are primarily rooted in the mind. Many times it occurs to us “I am going to get a severe cold or I may be catching this particular disease now “; and such thoughts In fact create a backdrop for entry of diseases in the body. Our mind is actually a part of the Universal Mind. Therefore any resolve (firm determination) in the mind begins travelling all over the world instantly. Every word that we utter, every action of ours and every thought in the mind get spread out in the Universal space and thus disorders in people located thousands of miles away can be cured only with the help of prayers. A firm resolution created in the mind is a power that pervades the entire static and dynamic world. Stronger the Resolution, more effective is the prayer. Our culture and traditions have endowed purity and sanctity to everything that happens in the world; they have taught us to look at everyone with gratitude and respect. This faith and belief gives tremendous boost to our morale in order to face any difficulties and problems in life. However today, we see people collapsing due to even a storm in a tea cup. Thus any disease is not just a bodily disorder but it is the result of mental weakness and disabled spirit of life.

Swayampurna Treatment studies the mind-set of a patient and he gets adequate counselling to increase the positivity of the mind and to uproot any feelings of distress deeply embedded in the mind. It strengthens the mind and helps the patient to face any calamity and bear any pain in times to come.

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Relief from hipjoints pain - - Mrs. Laxmi Garkal

I was taking some medicines for TB and they really weakened my bones and muscles miserably. I was having a lot of pain while walking and had to literally drag my feet. Even a slight touch would result in severe pains in joints. I went to an orthopaedic expert for consultation. As per his diagnosis the lubrication around ball joints of hips was exhausted. Therefore there was severe pain due to constant friction. Later I took treatment at Sancheti Hospital for two years. Still there was no improvement. I went to Kothari Hospital and City Pride too, not to mention a number of Ayurvedic treatments later! I was swallowing bitter medicines one after another endlessly.

Finally, doctors came to the conclusion that surgery was inevitable. No one would still guarantee satisfactory recovery. I heard about Niraamay and its treatment without medicines in June 2011. Till then, I had spent about 12 years in unbearable pain. My body and mind had become totally sick. I took my reports and met Mr. Chandorkar. I was given full confidence by Niraamay that I will be totally cured from the pain and I began treatment on phone. In just a week I started feeling much better. I was now taking regular treatment. Slowly the pain stopped completely. As my hip joints were damaged, I was limping and walking very slowly earlier. But soon I began walking normally.

In the meantime I became pregnant and I was all the more worried because my joints were likely to be stressed even more. I trusted Mr. Chandorkar fully and therefore had continued Swayampurna treatment. My delivery went off smoothly. I had no problems at all before and after my delivery. I had problems like hernia and swelling of tonsils earlier which also subsided during the treatment. No operation or other treatment was felt necessary. A five mm kidney stone too disappeared after the treatment. All my liver stones got dissolved inside and I emerged much stronger mentally.

Today I am living a healthy life thanks only to Niraamay.

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Where there are problems,  There are solutions too !
Where there is fear,  There is Courage too!
Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!
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