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Akshar Brahma


Akshar Brahma or Naad Brahma is also an important factor in this context. Every letter in our alphabet is designed after considerable thought. Pronunciation of every letter creates vibrations of its own type in the body and they have an effect on body cells. For example: Pronunciation of ‘Vitthal’ helps in diseases concerning blood circulation and heart diseases. There are certain letters written on each of the even Chakras in the body. They are the base letters for each Chakra and when they are pronounced in a specific manner, they have a beneficial effect on related Chakras. Such pronunciation of base letters can help in controlling certain disorders. Therefore the science of letters or Akshar Brahma is a part of Swayampurna Treatment.

We perform Punyaha Vachan or Swasti Vachan at the beginning of any auspicious occasion. These are specific forms of prayers. Recitation of Stotras, Shanti Mantras, Verses or Sooktas from Vedas is used to create an auspicious environment in any ceremony. Sounding of Conches, bells i.e. Shankh Naad or Ghanta Naad helps in destroying harmful bacteria and in purifying the surroundings. This only proves that our traditions were not just based on faith but were based on scientific thought.

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Relief from diabetic retinopathy - Smt. Smita Kulkarni
With advancing age, I began to experience several health problems. In September 2013, I was told that there was a clot in my right eye because of diabetes. In other words, I had diabetic retinopathy. The Doctor cautioned that if the clot bursts, I may become totally blind. He also mentioned that there was no definite cure for the same. I was terribly scared after his words.

I began treatment with Niraamay in April 2014. Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar told me to take treatment twice a day on phone. For the last eight months I am taking this treatment. I got my eyes examined in November 2014 and the Doctor certified that my eyes were totally clean.

I am really grateful to Niraamay and Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar for saving my eyesight. I am going to go for the same treatment for my other ailments too in the near future.

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