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Method of treatment

For availing Swayampurna Treatment, the patient needs to come to the Niraamay Centre. If it is not physically possible for the patient, his/her relatives may meet the Doctor at Niraamay with the patient’s recent photograph and reports (if available). On arrival at the centre, a form describing the disorders has to be filled in. Complete past history of patient’s health and the current disease have to be described in details. Thereupon, Niraamay Doctors discuss the problem with the patient or his/her relatives. They offer suitable counselling and advice which relax the patient’s mind and the body. The patient becomes more receptive and his mind gets stronger. Increased positivity speeds up the recovery rate.

After initial enquiry, the energy body or the astral body as well as Chakras  are examined to identify defective areas. From the very same day, Niraamay begins the process of removing polluted energy from relevant Chakras and Nadis in the body. If he/she sits quiet in meditation during the treatment it helps to get relief to the patients. During the treatment, the patient is advised to relax the whole body and take deep and slow breaths. As breathing recovers its regular rhythm, all the body processes begin to work in rhythmic way. This helps the Doctor to clear the complexity in the patient’s astral body and remove all the troublesome flaws. Chronic defects and faults developed over many years in the body may not easily disappear just in one sitting. Therefore, several sittings may be required. How many sittings? It depends on how deep the disease has invaded the patient’s mind and body. It is generally seen that cosmic energy does not reach enough to  internal organs and glands due to the defects created in the subtle body. Therefore, these organs are unable to work to their full capacity and at times they seem to become totally defunct. Such organs and related Chakras are provided with cosmic energy through Swayampurna Treatment and thus these organs return to their normal state. Niraamay Doctors do touch internal organs, Chakras, Nadis and the astral body of the patient. However, this is not physical touching but it is touching through subtle energy waves. This process makes the Doctor understand where there is insufficient or excessive energy; where the energy flow is blocked and so on. He/She is thus able to offer the right treatment. It is not necessary to physically touch the patient in this treatment.

The patient is advised to make necessary changes in diet, exercise and Mudras as required and later treatment is offered by phone through distance healing. The patient is called for a follow-up visit after about 15 days. After a fortnight or a month, changes in the physical and psychological condition are reviewed and further treatment is decided upon. Positivity of the mind and consistent treatment can certainly cure a patient. Regular treatment offers steady relief from the disease. As recovery progresses, treatment is reduced to that extent too.

Swayampurna treatment can cure very simple disorders like laziness and inertia and serious psychological diseases like Schizophrenia and OCD too. Similarly this treatment can totally eliminate difficult physical and psychological diseases like TB, cancer, AIDs and so on.

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