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Sex Chakra

Swadhishthan Chakra/ Kaam Chakra

Sex Chakra

The sex chakra or Swadhishthan chakra is located at the pubic area. The colour of sex chakra is orange. It is governed by water element. Its subtle aspect is fluidity and its fundamental aspect is taste (Rasa). The sex chakra is the foundation of physical creation, the foundation of the physical world. The mantra for the water element is Om Vam (ॐ वं). Water element controls the Semen, blood, saliva, urine and sweating in our body.

Person’s self-esteem resides here. The sex chakra is the physical creative center for procreation or reproduction.

The sex chakra controls and energizes the sex organs, the bladder and the urethra. It also affects the legs, the throat and the head. The transmutation of sex energy is necessary for one’s spiritual development. The sex energy, once transmuted, provides energy to the upper chakras. Therefore, sex energy is like “food” for the upper chakras. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. The person with strong Sex Chakra is friendly, loving and creative.

Malfunctioning of the sex chakra may manifest as urinary problems, impotency, sterility, enlarged prostate gland, chronic kidney disease, kidney stone, menstrual cycle problems, PCOD, pregnancy and delivery obstacles etc.

It may also manifest as mental retardation, lack of control over sex, sceptical and suspicious, distrustful nature etc.

By Swayampurna treatment the defects of Swadhishthan or Sex Chakra can be cured and it is strengthened and balanced, so that all the above illnesses can be eradicated.

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