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Third Eye Chakra

Aadnya Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye or Aadnya Chakra is situated in the area between the eyebrows. The colour of the Third Eye Chakra is light violet, but it differs from person to person. The colours of the Third Eye Chakra also change according to the psychological state of the person. The Third Eye Chakra is the center of higher mental faculty, and is closely interconnected to the Anahat or Heart Chakra (center of emotional will).

Aadnya or Third Eye Chakra has control of brain, eyes and ears. This chakra controls the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands, as well as all the major chakras.

The Third Eye Chakra has a directive function. The Third Eye Chakra is responsible for the understanding of abstract concepts and principles. The Third Eye Chakra’s function is active intelligence. This is also known as dynamic intelligence and is different from sterile intelligence where a person might be intelligent and impressive but is unable to produce results. When a person’s Third Eye Chakra is strong, he will smile even when he is under tremendous pressure. A strong Third Eye Chakra ensures active intelligence- intelligence along with the ability to take action. The Third Eye Chakra is the Master Chakra that controls all the other chakras.

The Third Eye Chakra controls and energizes the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands and the brain to a certain extent. The Third Eye Chakra activation benefits include healthy eyes and the nose.

Whenever there is defect in the functioning of Third Eye Chakra or Aadnya chakra, then

Middle and inner ear infections can result from stuffy nose. In such cases, the Third Eye Chakra should be treated.

Malfunctioning Third Eye Chakra can lead to ailments related to the endocrine glands.

The Physical ailments like Cancer, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Meningitis, Fits, Coma, Mental Retardation, Paralysis, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Depletion, Fibromyalgia, Obstetrics and Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Retinopathy, Deafness, Tinnitus, Defects in eardrum, Vertigo, etc. may occur.

Also, mental disorders such as stress, irritation, depression, gloominess may occur.

By Swayampurna treatment the defects of Third Eye or Adnya chakra can be cured and it is strengthened and balanced, so that all the above illnesses can be eradicated.

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