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Importance of the Science of Yoga

The  yoga is a science of full of conscience from ancient times. It pacifies a disturbed mind; it brings flexibility to the body and mind by utilizing intrinsic energies. This Science mainly aims at Holistic Personality Development.

The word Yoga originates from the verb ‘Yuj’ in Sanskrit. Yuj means to bring together or to bind together. Yoga prescribes many processes that bring physical and mental energies to the right levels. Yoga brings about tremendous physical and mental development. Thus this is a psycho-physical method of treatment.

Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Pranayam are the primary steps in this treatment and they are meant for external or physical health. Secondary steps including Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi are meant for internal or mental peace.

Asana, Mudras and Pranayam are mainly used for physical wellbeing.

Asanas make muscles in the body stronger while Pranayam helps maintain the body pure and healthy. Pranayam controls the emotional existence of human beings and keeps it very active. Mudras can resurrect human glands and internal structures. Universal energy or Life Force activates the human body. Deep breathing helps to evenly spread this energy throughout the body. When we breathe in, we take in Oxygen and when we breathe out, we release Carbon Dioxide. Oxyfixation makes the body purer, lighter and more active. Deep breathing helps the oxyfixation process.

Dhyan or Meditation develops our will power and we get free from wrong thinking and fear in the mind. Similarly, we can strengthen our mental energies. This process offers a rhythm to vibrations in the body and helps to soothe the body and the mind.

All this is included in Swayampurna treatment.

I had a natural menstrual cycle - Mrs Poorva Fulambrikar
Nearly 19 years ago, I am having health problems during my periods. Today I am 34 years old. For the last 15 years I never had my periods in the natural cycle. Both my ovaries were dysfunctional, so the doctor advised me to get them removed. I was taking a number of medicines for this but had no positive results.

One day I saw Mrs. Chandorkar’s interview on Saam TV and I decided to go for his advice as the last resort. Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar gave me the first treatment. While the treatment was on, in the third month I had a natural period. I was completely surprised and felt happy too. Mrs. Chandorkar could do what so many MD specialists could never do. And that too in just a few months and without any medicines ! I am really thankful to Mrs. Chandorkar and the Niraamay team .

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Where there are problems,  There are solutions too !
Where there is fear,  There is Courage too!
Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!
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