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Distance Treatment

A patient in any part of the world can receive help through Distance Treatment in this method and get totally free from any physical or psychological ailments to live a healthy and happy life.

Phone Treatment :
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How does distance treatment work?

Let us understand how this becomes possible. The patient is at one corner of the world while the Doctor is at another corner. How can a patient get relief from any physical or psychological disorder just by sitting peacefully for 5 to 10 minutes in meditation? Let us try to understand the science behind this phenomenon.

Today all of us can talk on mobile phones. We dial a number on the phone and it takes you instantly to anywhere in the world to contact the desired person. How does this happen? Sound waves in the atmosphere are transmitted through telecommunication satellites and this system gets activated. In a few seconds we can contact anyone anywhere in the world. The same thing happens in this Treatment. Every living being on the earth is connected to each other naturally through universal connectivity. Just as we are attached to the earth through gravity, we are connected to each other through universal connectivity. Treatment is given through this connectivity. It is necessary however, to obtain prior permission from the patient who receives the treatment and therefore it is necessary to make a phone call.

You may have heard of Telepathy. In this method, two or more persons sit in Meditation at different locations which are geographically apart and discuss with each other in the meditative state. They exchange ideas and thoughts only through this connectivity. Heartfelt prayers and touching memories reach the concerned person in a moment through energy transfer and they can feel the process of transmission on many occasions. However, we do often tend to call this as a coincidence. Yet, this is not a coincidence or a miracle but it is a natural process. No miracle can take place against rules of nature. However, because we are not aware of such phenomena, we treat it as a miracle.

To take this treatment on phone, the patient has to make a call to the Niraamay Centre and confirm his/her readiness to accept the treatment. The Niraamay Doctor advises the patient to sit in readiness for the treatment. Then the phone call should be stopped and the patient must sit peacefully in meditation for about five minutes. Deep breathing with a relaxed body helps in better recovery. If the patient is unable to sit down, he may take treatment even while lying down. If the patient is in ICU or in Coma, close relatives of the patient can sit down for treatment on behalf of the patient.

Quick result in herpes - Shri. Dilip Pandit, Group Captain

I contacted Herpes in October 2012. There were series of small blisters all along my chest and my back. I felt as if someone was pricking me with a hot needle. Our family doctor expressed the inability of medical science to cure the problem He had no alternative but to prescribe pain killers for me.

I had unbearable pain for a week and was expecting only a miracle to save me. At this juncture, my cousin sister suggested Mr. Chandorkar’s name. The very first treatment gave me a lot of courage. After two days of continuous treatment, the pain stopped completely, On the third day, the wounds began to dry up and the skin began to clear. As Mr Chandorkar cured me without any medicines, our family doctor, myself and all my family seemed to experience a miracle .

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