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Dussehra (Vijaya-dashmi)

The Sanskrit word Mahish mean scholar. Scholarliness leads to egoism and Mahish become Mahishasur (Mahish+asur meaning a scholarly demon). A Sanskrit saying reads: asushu ramante iti asurah meaning, the one who is busy enjoying life and deriving materialistic happiness, becomes a demon. And, such a demon exists in every human mind. Overcoming this Mhishasur is […]

Nine energies of nine days

The materialistic form of absolute energy is strength. Woman is true strength. Any creation evolves from the embryo of eternal energy. This energy provides the universe its inspiration and capacity. When Shiv (male energy) associated with Shakti (female energy) it balances the universe. However, an imbalance between the two, leads to degeneration. In order to […]

An effective remedy for Arthritis…

Along with heart disease, diabetes, paralysis, cancer, arthritis is also considered as one of the chronic diseases. Unbearable pain and impairment make a patient decrepit. Arthritis is related to joints. Arthritis is a general term, derived from the Greek words arthro-, meaning ‘joint,’ and -itis, meaning ‘inflammation.’ The main task of joints is to enable […]

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