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Director’s message

Going back a few years, we would not have even dreamt that we would be in this profession now! In 2001, my mother had a heart problem, so we admitted her to a hospital. As there was a 90 % blockage of blood vessels of the heart, doctors advised us to for a bypass surgery immediately. Otherwise according to them, she would not have survived for even 30 days. My mother was a firm believer on Naturopathy. Therefore she refused to go for an operation. Later, she lived a very happy and healthy life for another 10 years with the help of a balanced diet, regular exercise, Yogasanas and essential treatment. She always wished from the bottom of her heart that everyone may live such a healthy life. Her blessings inspired me and therefore, my wife and I are at your service today through Niraamay.

We meet a number of different distressed people in society. Everyone has a different health issue. Some people have minor ailments while some have grave diseases, However, when we delved deep into naturopathy, Yogic Sciences and related fields, we realized that every disorder is rooted in three basic factors i.e. the mind, body and energy. We can overcome any disease with the help of positive thoughts in the mind and the right balance of energy in the body. With this thinking, we began Niraamay in January 2010.

We had just a single objective : Creation of a happy and healthy society!

At that time, the concept that diseases can be cured without medicines and without touching the patient was quite revolutionary. In the initial 4 to 6 months, it was rather difficult to gain patients’ trust in this treatment. However, the ‘Muktapeeth’ supplement of daily Sakaal published Marathe Aji’s experience which narrated how she was cured with the help of the new Energy Treatment. Since that day, not a single patient has displayed a lack of trust in our treatment. We realized how true the saying is “Experience Speaks the Loudest!”

Gradually, a number of people experienced this treatment and Niraamay began expanding. Today, more than 85000 satisfied patients are connected to us through Niraamay branches in Pune, Mumbai, Chinchwad and Kolhapur. The small sapling that we planted then has now grown into a huge tree. A number of people with similar thinking are joining this movement. When we turn back on those days, we feel really satisfied and happy.

Right from the beginning, a number of different types of experiments and trials were conducted while we were offering treatment through the medium of life force or energy. While studying for M.D. in alternative medicine, this research got further momentum. We could get good results even in most difficult diseases. A number of positive changes were made in the treatment based on the study and the experience gained so far. The final outcome of these positive changes is Swayampurna Treatment.

Consistent, untiring efforts on our part during the last eight years and the love, affection, expectations and good wishes from all of you have resulted in the formation of Niraamay!

We go to the root of any disease and try to cure our patients to the extent of 100 % through Swayampurna Treatment. We are presenting this website to all of you with a view to explain what exactly Swayampurna Treatment is, what its benefits are and how it is offered to patients.

Our only prayer at this moment is to have enough strength and ability to cure as many patients as possible. Your trust in us is a source of natural energy for us and we firmly believe that this trust will last forever. 

Thank You!

Mr. Yogesh Chandorkar


Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar


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Where there are problems,  There are solutions too !
Where there is fear,  There is Courage too!
Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!
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