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Without Medicine – Without Touch

Swayampurna treatment is evolved from naturopathy and yogashastra. Swayampurna treatment balances patients energy body by using universal energy.This is no medicine, no touch therapy. By this treatment impurities in 7 chakras and 5 tatvas are cured from patients astral body.

Reason for creating faults in the subtle body

Just as we breathe in and breathe out, minute capillaries carrying energies in the body keep absorbing universal energy from the atmosphere. And they release used energies outside. When there is excessive exertion of the body, our muscles need more energy, Chakras and Nadis fulfil this need of extra energy. Similarly, all used up energy has to be released outside. Just as we get tired, stressed and start panting after a lot of activity, there is increased stress on Chakras as they provide additional energy required. Any negative stressful thoughts in the mind soak our energy and the body falls short of energy. If this continues for long, energy-carrying Nadis get tired; they are not able to absorb and release energy in the right proportion. As internal organs lack enough energy, they are unable to work properly and slowly its effects begin showing on the body.

Many times we see all medical reports of a person are normal. Yet, the person seems to suffer a lot. On such occasions, it is passed off by saying ”your problem is psychological.” However, it is seen that even diseases where diagnosis is found to be difficult, are cured by Swayampurna Treatment.

As Chakras, Nadis and the Astral body are treated, it becomes possible to provide enough energy to the body. Thus the body is able to work with all its intrinsic force and it speeds up self-elimination of any disorders. The immunity of the body goes up and the mind becomes more positive.

If you are receiving some other types of treatment, the body begins to respond to them too.

The lung fibrosis healed - Mrs. Kusum Shetty

I had fracture in my hip bone in August 2011 and it had to be operated upon. Later I developed severe cough and asthma. I visited and consulted a doctor. He began giving me medicines for Asthma. I took them for some time but there was no improvement. Then we talked to another doctor. I got all tests done as per his advice and found that it was not asthma but it was lung fibrosis. I began taking medicines for the same. While I was taking this treatment, I saw Mr Chandorkar’s interview on TV in September 2012. I collected substantial information about his treatment methods and went to his clinic.

we began this treatment shortly afterwards. I took the treatment thrice a day and began to experience improvement slowly. After three months of treatment, I got the same tests done again and found great improvement. Later I went to Dubai for three months where I continued with the treatment on phone. Now I have fully recovered. This is a very effective treatment and I would advise all types of patients to benefit from the same.

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